What Is Dog Lovers Always about? 

Dog Lovers Always is an online store created by a passionate dog owner. Unlike other pet stores this one is designed exclusively to dogs. We specialize is new, innovative dog products tailored toward passionate dog owners. 


Does Dog Lovers Always have any physical store locations?

Not as we speak. This store is strictly online right now to try and keep the costs of dog products down (to minimize in store costs). However, if demand keeps up we may look at opening in store locations across North America as early as 2020.


How long will it take me to receive my order? 

It depends which shipping method you chose. The standard shipping method would take on average 3-4 weeks. If you chose the Express shipping method it should arrive in 12-19 days. 


What happens if I don't get my parcel on time? 

If your parcel is late by more then three days (for example, it was suppose to be there is 19 days but never arrived by the 22nd day) we will refund you the shipping costs. Just email us at dogsrus87@outlook.com and we will refund you.


What happens if my item arrives damaged or broken? 

If any of your products arrives damaged or broken, send it back to the following address: 
3 Mayflower Drive, 
Torbay, NL 
St. John's, NL 

And we will send you a new item in the mail right away. All you have to do is send us a picture of the item and proof of purchase (A screenshot of the receipt email is fine). 


Do warranty come with my products? 

It depends on the product, to find out if warranty comes with your item read the product description.